Our Seniors Helping Seniors® Home Care Solutions Now Available in University City, MO

Our Seniors Helping Seniors® home care services offer a unique brand of care to seniors in University City, MO. What sets our caregiving apart from the rest is that our trained professionals are seniors themselves and are much more in tune with and aware of the needs of other seniors.

Because our caregivers and the people they care for share similar life experiences, they are much more likely to develop a bond based on mutual respect and understanding. We have also found that, in general, our care providers become much more than just caregivers. They become devoted companions, which has shown to have an incredible impact on seniors under our care.

Our home care services meet and exceed the expectations of any other home care providers. However, our unique approach sets us apart from the rest, allowing your loved one to maintain their independence with in a supportive environment full of compassion. We provide services others do not because they do not understand what it means to be a senior.

Your loved one will be able to stay in the comfort of their own home, but their comfort will not stop there. They will be much more able to relax and receive the help they need knowing the person providing it is able to understand where they are coming from. People are known to say that age is just a number, but when it comes to certain matters, it simply is not. It matters when one's pride, dignity, and independence are involved.

We treat each client as an individual. We will approach your loved one's care with a unique perspective, matching clients and caregivers based on not only what your loved one needs help with but also with their mutual personalities and interests.

Our caregivers will provide your loved one with the assistance they need. Our services are many and include bathing, grooming and other personal care needs, but also errand running and transportation.

Companionship is an important aspect of our brand of care as well. Companionship has been shown to ward off feelings of loneliness and depression, but can also have a positive impact on your loved one's physical abilities, motivating them to become much more lively and active.

With our brand of home care, your loved one will be in charge of their own life. They will decide on the sort of life they want to lead through an interactive and personalized plan of care.

Please give us a call today to find out more about our home care services in University City, MO.