Home health care assistance offers help for family and primary caregivers

Providing adequate senior care for a family member or other loved one can be challenging, even more so than it was in the past. Not that long ago it was common for generations of extended family members to live in the same home. As our lifestyles have changed, many seniors live on their own as they age. If you are the primary caregiver for a senior loved one and find yourself needing some extra assistance, consider home health care from our Seniors Helping Seniors® care providers.

Many primary caregivers enjoy offering a helping hand for a senior family member or other loved one. However, providing care can quickly become an overwhelming and impractical task. Primary caregivers are often parents themselves, focusing on raising their children and maintaining a career. The cost and time required to travel regularly to a loved one’s home can create financial difficulties as well. Respite care services are available to ease the burden of caregiving and provide part-time assistance when your loved one needs it most.

Respite care is a type of home health care service that temporarily relieves the primary caregiver. Our Seniors Helping Seniors® care providers can provide intermittent or ongoing respite care for a morning, afternoon, evening, or for overnight stays. You can take time to rest, travel, complete a work assignment, or attend appointments while your loved one is cared for.

Part-time or interim home health care can be a good way to ease your loved one into the idea of in-home assistance. You can still provide the bulk of care, or however much you feel comfortable doing, while a respite caregiver providers occasional assistance. Your senior loved one can build trust and companionship with their care provider and, as their needs increase, will feel comfortable relying on them for care.

Respite care and all of our home health care services are available in St. Louis Central and St. Charles County, MO. To find out more, please give contact our office today! We look forward to helping you find a care solution that fits your loved one’s needs.