Home care for elderly adults makes taking trips around town easy and accessible

Seniors Helping Seniors® home care for elderly services focus on boosting your loved one’s independence and quality of life. As our caregivers are also seniors, your aging parent or relative can receive the assistance they need to remain safely at home from someone who truly understands how they feel. This approach to caregiving allows our clients and caregivers to connect on a deeper level and become trusted companions.

One of the ways our home care for elderly providers can help your loved one is running errands, either with them or sent independently with instructions. If your loved one doesn’t feel like going outside or feels under the weather, our senior caregivers will gladly run any errand for them. However, as running errands is a perfect opportunity for older adults to spend time outdoors, moving their bodies and stimulating their minds, our care providers encourage clients to come along and have some fun.

Some of the errands our home care for elderly can run include:

  • Picking up prescribed medications from the local pharmacy
  • Going to the dry cleaners to leave or pick up clothes
  • Going to the post office to send or receive letters or packages
  • Accompanying your loved one to the doctor’s office
  • Shopping for groceries in the nearby store or market
  • Shopping for pet food
  • And more!

While some of these errands can be run on foot, others may require a shorter or longer drive. Fortunately, our home care providers also offer transportation services, meaning they can drive your loved one to any location in the area. With a dependable vehicle and compassionate caregiver, your senior loved one can enjoy some fresh air and a comfortable ride whenever they need or want to do something in town.

If your parent or relative chooses to come along, our caregiver will make sure they have a great time, reminding them to bring their medications and dress appropriately for the season. Our caregiver will also provide assistance with entering and exiting the vehicle and carry your loved one’s bag to and from the car.

To find out more about our home care for elderly adults, please give us a call today. Together, we can determine how we can best help your loved one!