First, let me say that I am an RN and a college professor. I only say that to let you know that I am not easy to please. I want good care for my father and am used to evaluating care provided by students or staff. Nor, am I in the habit of taking time to comment on products or services. However, this is different. I struggled to find reliable, safe care for my father. I am very happy I was referred to SHS! Joan and Debbie have been caring for dad for about six months. Mary made a home visit and completed a detailed needs and functional assessment before assigning caregivers to dad. She was thorough and unhurried. She didn't try to fit us into her framework but listened to our needs and individualized a plan of care. Refreshing! We couldn't be happier with the care provided by Joan and Debbie. I would not hesitate to welcome others from SHS, but we try to maintain consistency and want to develop relationships with the caregivers we have. It has been a rewarding plan and a great comfort to my father and to me. Joan and Debbie are wonderful to my dad and always want to help. I was understandably concerned about hiring a "stranger" to come into my home. It is my hope that this message will help someone else feel better about reaching out for help.

— Ann K. Shelton